eenie beanie minie moe…

by ohsuzi

Winter is around the corner and that means three main things for me.

1. Stay warm

2. Look warm.

3. Be warm.

In an attempt to do this, I identified the part of my body that was most susceptible to the cold. After some serious testing, the answer was clear. If my head was warm, I was warm. As a result, I decided that this winter I would rock a beanie and I was not going to look like Dobby, the famous house elf. This journey also led me to compile a beanie checklist to help you find the perfect union between head and accessory. You’re welcome.

Winter Beanie

Looking pensive and enjoying the warmth that is now on my head.
1. Friend’s beanie. If you’re reading this, thank you. You will probably not get it back.
2. Topshop Grey Marle sweater
3. Sass and Bide Black rats
4. Urban Renewals Boston: Thrifted bag
5. Zu shoes: Maroon booties.

Finding the perfect beanie is tough. You want one that sits effortlessly on your head whilst looking like you didn’t even have to TRY to make it look good. You also need it to be able to withstand all beanie related situations that occur near the vicinity of your cranium. This is my beanie checklist to help you Buy or Bye.


1. Find someone and go in for a hug. Will the beanie slide off? Do your arms impulsively go straight to your head? If you answered yes. PUT THE BEANIE DOWN. It will only disappoint you like a lukewarm coffee on a cold winters day.

2. Look in the mirror. Does it look as good as it feels? if not, keep this as an inside beanie. For sick days and sad days.

3. Do a little dance. Make a little love and get down tonight (optional). With that much movement going on, if your beanie stays on or at least is still clinging on to your head for dear life, I say – it’s a keeper. This beanie sounds so low maintenance that if it were a man, I’d suggest you marry him. Before I go, I leave you with these words of wisdom:

“All beanies are equal, but some beanies are more equal than others”

Choose wisely

Winter Beanie

I like my beanies pointing upwards. I believe it gives the illusion of height.

Winter Beanie

Play around with the beanie. How many ways can you fold the hem? Wait. Do beanies have hems?

Casual Beanie

This is when looking in the mirror is so important. Don’t forget your profile view.

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