All hail the DISPOSABLE Camera! A how-to guide for New Age Fun.

by ohsuzi

Not long ago, I purchased a few disposable cameras from TYPO, these cameras were themed by event so some had birthday stamps, others had bon voyage messages and a couple of generic ones that had an assortment of frames. This meant that once developed, the images promised to be no ordinary photo, with a tagline like that, how could I say no?

When I was at the cash register about to pay for my card and they asked me “Would you like to buy one of these disposable cameras for an extra $5 “,  I instantly thought “BARGAIN! Give me one of each”. I left with all four variations. Bon Voyage, Happy Birthday, Love and Vintage frames. That’s $20 worth of happiness right there. It would’ve been cheaper if they had been gum.

Unfortunately there are only so many times you can bring out a disposable camera at a social event before the novelty wears off and you become that weird girl who’s stuck in a Kodak moment from 1996. People kept asking me “Why don’t you just use your i-phone?” Um because the i-phone is too mainstream, obviously. 

As a result it took me 6 months worth of birthdays to finish the roll but finally I got them developed and here are some words of wisdom I’d like to impart.


1. Flash. Unless the sun is shining and blinding your eyes, always use your flash. Otherwise your pictures will turn out like this:

don't forget your flash with disposable cameras

Well, that’s just rude.

The flash is blinding so try not to squint. If you camera is themed like mine, you can pose accordingly. Here’s one I prepared earlier.

Flash with the typo disposable camera

2. The typo cameras came with a indicator chart telling you which frame/stamp was associated with each shot. If you read it wrong, your photo will turn out like this:


3. Choose a good store to develop your pictures. I went to two different ones. One did same day developing and Ted’s sent it off-site which meant a week of waiting. In the end, I chose Ted’s. My verdict? It was worth the wait. Ted’s had the option of putting the developed images onto a DVD so that you could print the ones you wanted rather than the whole roll and being stuck with images you didn’t want.

4. Finally, you can legitimately upload these photos to instagram with the supporting hashtag #nofilter completely guilt free. So really, it’s a win-win.

New Age fun with a vintage feel

Typo disposable camera with ohsuzi