Would You, Could You, Should You: Faux Fur & Printed leggings

by ohsuzi

Not going to lie, when my parents saw me in this outfit, they thought I looked ridiculous. There was laughter. There was pointing and there was a “oh you’re seriously wearing that?“. So my confidence was shaken and I began to think “Maybe I shouldn’t…”

However, I caught my reflection in the window and I decided that our generation gap was the reason why my parents were unable to accept the fact that their daughter is just so darn FLY.

Sass & Bide, Gorman, Motel Sass & Bide, Gorman, Motel

What would you do? I need your help. VOTE NOW


Sass & Bide, Gorman, MotelSass & Bide, Gorman, Motel

Sass & Bide, Gorman, Motel Sass & Bide, Gorman, Motel

I have strong positive feelings towards this outfit BUT, I remain apprehensive. Heaven forbid, are my parents right? Do I look ridiculous? Am I a fashion faux pas in the making? Please share because quite frankly, I’m at a loss. So please vote and tell me what you would do. 

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