The Cinderella Dress: How to find the perfect girl.

by ohsuzi

With so many variables that impact the world of dating, it can be a super tough gig. I’ve appointed myself as the love doctor today to hand out some advice – St Valentines style.

I’m going to coin this method as the “Cendrillon technique”, take note: if you hear people mention this in the future, you know the magic began right here, right now. Speaking of right, (See how I did that? smooth segues… a worthy skill to develop, for top notch conversational banter) have you ever considered the possibility that the right girl has been there all along, she’s just wearing the wrong clothes.

OOTD Alexander Wang
The “Cendrillon technique” takes inspiration from Christina Aguilera’s album ” Back to Basics” circa 2006 and the classic Cinderella tale that goes as far back as the 17th Century. With this concoction of history, rhythm and my quick wit, you know the “Cendrillon Technique” is going to work.

OOTD Alexander Wang

The first step of the “Cendrillon Technique” is, as X-tina so candidly recommended in 2006, to bring things back to basics. Accept that we, as humans will always succumb to our primal needs. Aesthetics mean everything. So, figure out what your ideal girl would look like and how you’d like her to dress. When you undress her with your eyes, what pieces of clothing do you imagine yourself taking off her? The way someone dresses is an oft-neglected concept in self-help books on dating, not that I’d know. Steve Harvey suggested that I don’t do that.

When it comes to attraction, aesthetics has high impact but low recognition. Too many of us close the door to true love just because we don’t like the way someone looks, you probably don’t realise that it’s most likely that mexican poncho she’s wearing. Mind you, I’d probably wear a Mexican Poncho, I’m just waiting for the guy who would find me attractive in it. This is the crux of the “Cendrillon Technique”.

Step 2. The technique requires you to ignore aesthetic disparities and get to know the other person. This is the most difficult, I recommend you practice regularly.

Step 3. Remember that outfit she was wearing when you undressed her with your eyes? You need to own it because at some point, you’ll have to get her to put it on. Prince Charming had to go all over town before he found the girl that fit the shoe so don’t be disheartened if it takes a while.OOTD Zara Heels Magenta & RedOOTD Zara Heels Magenta & Red

When you find the one that fits the dress perfectly. She’s probably the one.

Don’t ask me how to get her in the dress... this is not that kind of blog. But maybe Aaliyah can help.