DON’T GIVE UP! Your dress is not dead.

by ohsuzi

I know I speak for many girls when I talk about that stage in our lives where we felt the incessant need to purchase a new dress every time we went out. Some of us may still be in that vicious cycle. There is no escaping it, it’s like  a rite of passage into womanhood. With each new dress comes a perfectly valid and good excuse for purchase but afterwards comes the guilt as it sits in your wardrobe, looking at you. Taunting you.  “Every Breath You Take” by The Police comes into mind. An appropriate soundtrack for when your eyes gaze over the many dresses that you’ve bought and worn once. Unfortunately you have taken countless photos in that exact dress which is why you can NEVER be seen in it again. Don’t worry. I understand.

That’s right. Taking this blog to the next level. I’m providing musical ambience too.


Before you give up and realise that your relationships with your dresses are dead, I present to you this blog post. Breathing life back into that dress. It’s possible if you both really want it. The featured item here is my Maurie & Eve blue peplum dress. The last time I wore it was probably three or four years ago now. Here’s a look at the look book photos. If you thought whimsical and girly was all this dress was capable of, you are not alone. That’s what I thought, heck what else could I do with it?

Maurie & Eve Peplum Dress with ohsuzi Maurie & Eve Peplum Dress with ohsuzi


_MG_7618 copy

Is it just me or does this new look have a bit more attitude? A beanie is the perfect accessory to dressing down an outfit. My recent discovery of flatform sneakers have changed my world.

I can be tall while my feet can remain comfortable you say? Why that’s madness! 

But it isn’t.

_MG_7624 _MG_7625 copy _MG_7623 Maurie & Eve Peplum Dress with ohsuzi

 In conclusion, this is my long-winded way of saying sneakers and a beanie can breathe new life in your old dresses.Old dresses can still be relevant. Just like a good relationship, don’t give up and work on that baby because you know it’s worth it. DO IT. 

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Jeffrey Campbell HOMG Sneakers with ohsuzi