Would You? Could You? Should You?: JEEPERS CREEPERS

by ohsuzi

Oh SNAP. It’s the Creepers Revolution. Honestly, is this trend over? Did it ever really take off? Does it actually matter? The answer… No. No and No. However, I’m embracing this little creature, because I feel that it needs some loving. Some trends are not particularly attractive to the naked eye and can defy the laws of beauty but maybe it’s how grotesque they are that make them adored. At least that’s how it works for me. I believe in these babies and I’m hoping for it to take off like the Sketchers platform phenomenon of the 90’s, but I do worry that these creepers can be what Leandra Medine so famously coined as a “Man Repeller”. That’s why I rolled my jeans up, to show off some skin. Ankles are sexy right?

1. Karen Walker Sunglasses
2. Sass & Bide Shirt
3. Sass & Bide Aztec Jeans
4. Jeffrey Campbell Creepers


I would. I could and I should. Who cares if they are Man Repellers because essentially you don’t need a man when you look so damn FLY.