How to impress a girl on a first date #Tip 1: Tea

by ohsuzi

Originally an outfit post but as I was writing, I realised what I was about to share would really impress on a first date. Before I start, here’s a bit of context.

These photos were taken in my hometown Hangzhou (杭州) and the backdrop is our famous “Westlake”. Bit of a stunner isn’t she? For the geographically inclined, Hangzhou is south of Shanghai so if you ever find yourself there I’d definitely take the train ride over for a visit. Make sure you tell her I say “Hi”.


This post became entertaining when I decided to add a tidbit of cultural trivia. It dawned on me how handy it would be to know these things. It’s like a party trick, you can use it at dinners, as an ice breaker, as humorous segways (yes, it could work) but most importantly, you can use it to impress your girl. I, for one would be putty if you could “wow” me with this tidbit. So I concluded that this, is better than a magic trick.


Hangzhou is home to one of China’s Ten Most Famous Teas (中国名茶), this is classified as a green tea,  mostly handmade called Longjing, literally translated to dragon well tea. Origins of this tea date back to the Qing dynasty and was given Imperial status by the Emperor Kangxi, obviously because it was so delicious. You can hold me to this. I double checked everything with wikipedia, so you know it’s reliable.


STEP 1: You take her to a Chinese restaurant. One that serves tea. I did the research, Oriental Teahouse is such a place.

STEP 2: Order the tea.

Possible script, feel free to ad-lib, in fact, I insist you do.

Waiter: Are you ready to order? You: Yes, I’ll have the longjin tea please. Girl: What’s that?

You: Oh the longjin tea? I’m surprised you haven’t heard of it (classic neg) it’s from Hangzhou, China. South of Shanghai. Directly translates to “Dragon well tea”. It gained Imperial Status during the Qing Dynasty. You should try it, it’s one of China’s most famous teas.


If you want to impress a girl on a first date, bring her to Oriental Teahouse and when you browse the tea menu, bring this baby out. I hope you think of me. Your dating guru. A lot of research was done in preparation for this post. Don’t hate. Appreciate.