Would You, Could You, Should You? Part 1: The Bra Top

by ohsuzi

I decided to start this new segment called “Would You, Could You, Should You?”. It’s pretty self-explanatory so I won’t go into detail but basically I set out to road test emerging trends. I know, I’m wild like that.

The question I pose is how appropriate would it be to wear a bra as a top on its own. There are a number of ones to to choose from but I opted for a particularly sexy one by Sass & Bide called the “Play on Bra”. Not for the faint of heart. I worry because it’s a fine line between sexy and much too raunchy.

1. H&M Bowler Hat
2. Sass & Bide “Play on bra”
3. American Apparel Rara Skirt
4. Thrifted Denim Vest
5. Zara Heels

THE VERDICT: I would and I could but not sure if I should…

What I concluded was that if you will be wearing literally just a bra, choose one that looks more like a top. Thicker Straps, Boning and cups to amp it up for the less busty ladies. This particular bra looks more appropriate underneath a top rather than on its own. Also, I would opt for a high-waisted skirt or pants, bearing your midriff, belly button AND wearing a bra top is a much-too-risky combination. How much of a revelation was this post? 

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