1 JEAN – 3 OUTFITS: How to wear High waisted Jeans by Ksubi

by ohsuzi

The high-waisted jean has been a personal favourite of mine for a long time. It sucks and tucks me in at all the right places that it has pretty much rendered the low-cut jean non-existent in my wardrobe. The discovery of the high-waisted jean really changed my perspective on denim, prior to that I lost my way during the Britney Spears hipster jean revolution. Don’t pretend you didn’t too. I know am not alone in this. It was particularly refreshing being able to bend over and not worry about showing a cheeky crack and I loved not having to constantly hitch my jeans up and doing the jiggly dance. Do you know what I’m talking about?

Today I’ve compiled three different looks featuring my Ksubi high-waisted jeans that should be easy to play around with. I’ll show you the basic elements that I think make these outfits work so you can go nuts and create your own looks. Enjoy!

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This first look is a great one to play around with for my readers that live on the other side of the hemisphere. As the weather begins to cool down, throwing on an oversized jumper is a great way to keep warm this fall. It looks great having an edge tucked into the jean. FUN SUGGESTION: Layer it with a turtleneck. Team Turtleneck. Always. I’ve been waiting for its comeback. Any day now… I’m sure.

1. American Apparel Striped Crop Tank
2. Sass & Bide Old Gold Jumper
3. Ksubi High-waisted Jean


Neon is not dead. I may look like a walking, talking highlighter but I love this jumper. I am a fan of buttoning my shirts all the way up to the top, it’s just such a neat, clean look as opposed to leaving the buttons undone. When possible, I always put my collar tips on. Big fan of these babies. You can check out my YouTube video on them HERE. What’s great about high-waisted jeans is that they can just as easily pass for the traditional jean. So this outfit works either way but I find that when you are layering with jumpers it can look frumpy, high-waisted jeans are basically like having your own built-in spanx. Winner winner, chicken dinner.

1. Witchery White Button-up Shirt
2. Witchery Neon Angora Jumper
3. Sass & Bide Collar tips
4. Jeffrey Campbell Sabine Heels
5. Aldo Sunglasses


Super excited for this new trend that seems to be seeping in: The cropped top. It has an edge to it that makes it really fun to wear. I cheated a bit with this outfit, considering it’s basically a reconfiguration of my first one minus the jumper but I believe in your imagination. There are a bunch of cropped styles out there so have fun playing around with it. Excuse me as I go hit the gym now. 

1. American Apparel Cropped Top
2. Sportgirl Floppy Hat