Derby Day Oufit Idea: BLACK & WHITE in American Apparel & Forever New

by ohsuzi

Derby Day is an exciting event at the races because the dress code is Black and White. It sets the challenge for everyone to retain their own sense of style whilst adhering to this colour code. I personally find it challenging, because I like to be different. Sometimes when I’m trying to be different, it can go so wrong.  I have had my fair share of fashion disasters and suffered an array of questioning looks but I take it all in my stride and make a mental note to never try to go as boldly where no girl has gone before – next time. 

Today, I try a look that I would wear to Derby Day but probably any other day too. It’s not as fancy as some girls might prefer for Derby Day, but I think the look is bold and daring. I mean, you’re showing your midriff. My favourite part of this outfit is that it overcomes the age old problem for girls at the end of the day when our heels have killed our feet and our arches just want to be flat again. The beauty of the maxi skirt is that your feet are hidden. Are the heels on?Are they off? Who the hell knows, and that’s how you keep the mystery alive ladies. 

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Maxi skirts mean that your feet are covered so really I could be wearing flip flops under there and no one would know. Except for the fact that I’d be super short. So no, short girls wear your wedges so you don’t sink in the grass and maintain a dignified height. But tall girls, you can pick whatever you want. Need I say more? Really? It’s a win-win.