FIRST DATE OUTFIT: Sass & Bide with a splash of Topshop.

by ohsuzi

No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. I’ve given the garage door a day off and wandered into this little garden. I hope you enjoy the foliage!!! I call this the “First Date” outfit. WHY? The message it sends is the perfect blend of “Yes I like you but… maybe not?”  You’re showing leg but you are still hiding your modesty, the outfit strikes a wonderful balance of confusion that will most likely send your date questioning everything he just read in “The Game”. He might throw a couple of negs your way such as, “I like that skirt!  I saw another girl just a few minutes ago wearing the same thing and I couldn’t help but notice how pretty it was on her.” Don’t let this bother you, the other girl obviously has good taste and probably read this entry. 

1. Sass & Bide Roll Knit
2. Topshop Gold Skirt
3. Gorman Platform heels
4. Sass & Bide Neckpiece

THE NECKPIECE: Not all audiences appreciate this neckpiece but I love it. It’s so different and so unique that it will always be a conversation starter, awkward silence filler and ice breaker. It’s not just an accessory to your outfit, it’s the Robin Hood to your Batman, the Macaroni to your Cheese and the Hamish to your Andy.