featuring on ZARA t-shirt

by ohsuzi

In 2009 I did a photoshoot with the amazing photographer Chris Were, one of the photos were ones of my legs walking in my favourite heels near Federation Square with Flinders St station as the back drop. I am amazed at how beautiful the image turned out. It ended up being in the Love:Collide exhibition at the Hogan Gallery in 2010 as part of Chris’s collection. It was incredibly flattering because the image ended up being purchased, I can’t believe that my legs are hanging on someone’s wall!

Late last year some more amazing news came through,  Zara discovered Chris image and asked to use the it on 10,000 of their t-shirts!

I am not sure if it ever made it to Australia because at that point the Melbourne ZARA store hadn’t opened yet. In February this year I was in Hangzhou, China to celebrate Chinese New Year, I was absolutely thrilled when I walked into a Zara store and by chance saw the T-shirt hanging on the racks. No doubt I bought every single one I could find, I like to think it was a good thing i only found 3.

For all budding photographers I highly recommend checking out Chris’s flickr account. CLICK HERE TO VISIT!