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Winter is around the corner and that means three main things for me.

1. Stay warm

2. Look warm.

3. Be warm.

In an attempt to do this, I identified the part of my body that was most susceptible to the cold. After some serious testing, the answer was clear. If my head was warm, I was warm. As a result, I decided that this winter I would rock a beanie and I was not going to look like Dobby, the famous house elf. This journey also led me to compile a beanie checklist to help you find the perfect union between head and accessory. You’re welcome.

Winter Beanie

Looking pensive and enjoying the warmth that is now on my head.
1. Friend’s beanie. If you’re reading this, thank you. You will probably not get it back.
2. Topshop Grey Marle sweater
3. Sass and Bide Black rats
4. Urban Renewals Boston: Thrifted bag
5. Zu shoes: Maroon booties.

Finding the perfect beanie is tough. You want one that sits effortlessly on your head whilst looking like you didn’t even have to TRY to make it look good. You also need it to be able to withstand all beanie related situations that occur near the vicinity of your cranium. This is my beanie checklist to help you Buy or Bye.


1. Find someone and go in for a hug. Will the beanie slide off? Do your arms impulsively go straight to your head? If you answered yes. PUT THE BEANIE DOWN. It will only disappoint you like a lukewarm coffee on a cold winters day.

2. Look in the mirror. Does it look as good as it feels? if not, keep this as an inside beanie. For sick days and sad days.

3. Do a little dance. Make a little love and get down tonight (optional). With that much movement going on, if your beanie stays on or at least is still clinging on to your head for dear life, I say – it’s a keeper. This beanie sounds so low maintenance that if it were a man, I’d suggest you marry him. Before I go, I leave you with these words of wisdom:

“All beanies are equal, but some beanies are more equal than others”

Choose wisely

Winter Beanie

I like my beanies pointing upwards. I believe it gives the illusion of height.

Winter Beanie

Play around with the beanie. How many ways can you fold the hem? Wait. Do beanies have hems?

Casual Beanie

This is when looking in the mirror is so important. Don’t forget your profile view.

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All hail the DISPOSABLE Camera! A how-to guide for New Age Fun.

Not long ago, I purchased a few disposable cameras from TYPO, these cameras were themed by event so some had birthday stamps, others had bon voyage messages and a couple of generic ones that had an assortment of frames. This meant that once developed, the images promised to be no ordinary photo, with a tagline like that, how could I say no?

When I was at the cash register about to pay for my card and they asked me “Would you like to buy one of these disposable cameras for an extra $5 “,  I instantly thought “BARGAIN! Give me one of each”. I left with all four variations. Bon Voyage, Happy Birthday, Love and Vintage frames. That’s $20 worth of happiness right there. It would’ve been cheaper if they had been gum.

Unfortunately there are only so many times you can bring out a disposable camera at a social event before the novelty wears off and you become that weird girl who’s stuck in a Kodak moment from 1996. People kept asking me “Why don’t you just use your i-phone?” Um because the i-phone is too mainstream, obviously. 

As a result it took me 6 months worth of birthdays to finish the roll but finally I got them developed and here are some words of wisdom I’d like to impart.


1. Flash. Unless the sun is shining and blinding your eyes, always use your flash. Otherwise your pictures will turn out like this:

don't forget your flash with disposable cameras

Well, that’s just rude.

The flash is blinding so try not to squint. If you camera is themed like mine, you can pose accordingly. Here’s one I prepared earlier.

Flash with the typo disposable camera

2. The typo cameras came with a indicator chart telling you which frame/stamp was associated with each shot. If you read it wrong, your photo will turn out like this:


3. Choose a good store to develop your pictures. I went to two different ones. One did same day developing and Ted’s sent it off-site which meant a week of waiting. In the end, I chose Ted’s. My verdict? It was worth the wait. Ted’s had the option of putting the developed images onto a DVD so that you could print the ones you wanted rather than the whole roll and being stuck with images you didn’t want.

4. Finally, you can legitimately upload these photos to instagram with the supporting hashtag #nofilter completely guilt free. So really, it’s a win-win.


New Age fun with a vintage feel

Typo disposable camera with ohsuzi

Would You, Could You, Should You: Faux Fur & Printed leggings

Not going to lie, when my parents saw me in this outfit, they thought I looked ridiculous. There was laughter. There was pointing and there was a “oh you’re seriously wearing that?“. So my confidence was shaken and I began to think “Maybe I shouldn’t…”

However, I caught my reflection in the window and I decided that our generation gap was the reason why my parents were unable to accept the fact that their daughter is just so darn FLY.

Sass & Bide, Gorman, Motel Sass & Bide, Gorman, Motel

What would you do? I need your help. VOTE NOW


Sass & Bide, Gorman, MotelSass & Bide, Gorman, Motel

Sass & Bide, Gorman, Motel Sass & Bide, Gorman, Motel

I have strong positive feelings towards this outfit BUT, I remain apprehensive. Heaven forbid, are my parents right? Do I look ridiculous? Am I a fashion faux pas in the making? Please share because quite frankly, I’m at a loss. So please vote and tell me what you would do. 

gorman shoes Gorman shoes

The Cinderella Dress: How to find the perfect girl.

With so many variables that impact the world of dating, it can be a super tough gig. I’ve appointed myself as the love doctor today to hand out some advice – St Valentines style.

I’m going to coin this method as the “Cendrillon technique”, take note: if you hear people mention this in the future, you know the magic began right here, right now. Speaking of right, (See how I did that? smooth segues… a worthy skill to develop, for top notch conversational banter) have you ever considered the possibility that the right girl has been there all along, she’s just wearing the wrong clothes.

OOTD Alexander Wang
The “Cendrillon technique” takes inspiration from Christina Aguilera’s album ” Back to Basics” circa 2006 and the classic Cinderella tale that goes as far back as the 17th Century. With this concoction of history, rhythm and my quick wit, you know the “Cendrillon Technique” is going to work.

OOTD Alexander Wang

The first step of the “Cendrillon Technique” is, as X-tina so candidly recommended in 2006, to bring things back to basics. Accept that we, as humans will always succumb to our primal needs. Aesthetics mean everything. So, figure out what your ideal girl would look like and how you’d like her to dress. When you undress her with your eyes, what pieces of clothing do you imagine yourself taking off her? The way someone dresses is an oft-neglected concept in self-help books on dating, not that I’d know. Steve Harvey suggested that I don’t do that.

When it comes to attraction, aesthetics has high impact but low recognition. Too many of us close the door to true love just because we don’t like the way someone looks, you probably don’t realise that it’s most likely that mexican poncho she’s wearing. Mind you, I’d probably wear a Mexican Poncho, I’m just waiting for the guy who would find me attractive in it. This is the crux of the “Cendrillon Technique”.

Step 2. The technique requires you to ignore aesthetic disparities and get to know the other person. This is the most difficult, I recommend you practice regularly.

Step 3. Remember that outfit she was wearing when you undressed her with your eyes? You need to own it because at some point, you’ll have to get her to put it on. Prince Charming had to go all over town before he found the girl that fit the shoe so don’t be disheartened if it takes a while.OOTD Zara Heels Magenta & RedOOTD Zara Heels Magenta & Red

When you find the one that fits the dress perfectly. She’s probably the one.

Don’t ask me how to get her in the dress... this is not that kind of blog. But maybe Aaliyah can help.

OMAGERRD! Birthday Purgatory.

During the festive season, December babies are sometimes forgotten amidst all the celebrations. The day of my birth lives in what I call birthday purgatory as it lies on December 29th. This, in my opinion, is even tougher than those who have birthdays on Christmas Day, Boxing Day or New Years Eve because it’s one of those non-festive dates that exist purely to fill the gaps between days of gift-giving, bargain-shopping and hailing in the new year. In addition to this sob story, I’d also like to include that I was one of those girls who never got celebrate her birthday at school with all her friends. All I ever wanted were some lolly bags.

In celebration, I decided to create a birthday gif. Behold! Try not to blink, it hinders your ability to view my photoshop skills in all its glory.


Introducing Mama bear. My favourite person in the entire world. She keeps me grounded and tells me off when I’m being a brat. Thank you for the discipline mum!

ohsuzi & mum in Sass & Bide, Karen Millen, Zara, Stuart Weitzman

and reminding me about the importance of good posture in every photo…

Sass & Bide Birthday Purgatory with ohsuzi

and I’m glad I got to teach her the wonders of an action shot via tripod + timerSass & Bide Birthday Purgatory with ohsuzi & mama bear

Suzi: Sass & Bide “Start From Scratch” dress and Zara heels
Mama: Karen Millen Dress and Stuart Weitzman Heels

Hope you all have wonderful birthdays this year and remember the key elements to a good day are 1. Don’t be a brat. 2. Good posture. 3. Action Shots and 4. BIRTHDAY TWIRLS!

But if all else fails. Make a birthday gif.

ohsuzi in Sass & Bide flower bomb dress, Zara heels

Sass & Bide Birthday Purgatory with ohsuzi

DON’T GIVE UP! Your dress is not dead.

I know I speak for many girls when I talk about that stage in our lives where we felt the incessant need to purchase a new dress every time we went out. Some of us may still be in that vicious cycle. There is no escaping it, it’s like  a rite of passage into womanhood. With each new dress comes a perfectly valid and good excuse for purchase but afterwards comes the guilt as it sits in your wardrobe, looking at you. Taunting you.  “Every Breath You Take” by The Police comes into mind. An appropriate soundtrack for when your eyes gaze over the many dresses that you’ve bought and worn once. Unfortunately you have taken countless photos in that exact dress which is why you can NEVER be seen in it again. Don’t worry. I understand.

That’s right. Taking this blog to the next level. I’m providing musical ambience too.


Before you give up and realise that your relationships with your dresses are dead, I present to you this blog post. Breathing life back into that dress. It’s possible if you both really want it. The featured item here is my Maurie & Eve blue peplum dress. The last time I wore it was probably three or four years ago now. Here’s a look at the look book photos. If you thought whimsical and girly was all this dress was capable of, you are not alone. That’s what I thought, heck what else could I do with it?

Maurie & Eve Peplum Dress with ohsuzi Maurie & Eve Peplum Dress with ohsuzi


_MG_7618 copy

Is it just me or does this new look have a bit more attitude? A beanie is the perfect accessory to dressing down an outfit. My recent discovery of flatform sneakers have changed my world.

I can be tall while my feet can remain comfortable you say? Why that’s madness! 

But it isn’t.

_MG_7624 _MG_7625 copy _MG_7623 Maurie & Eve Peplum Dress with ohsuzi

 In conclusion, this is my long-winded way of saying sneakers and a beanie can breathe new life in your old dresses.Old dresses can still be relevant. Just like a good relationship, don’t give up and work on that baby because you know it’s worth it. DO IT. 

P.S I’m on instagram. HOLLA HOLLA!!! @ohsuzi

Jeffrey Campbell HOMG Sneakers with ohsuzi

OOTD: Sass & Bide “The Strong Hold” Cape with Gold Leather Harness

Sass & Bide Strong hold Cape Sass & Bide Strong hold Cape Sass & Bide Strong hold Cape

Sass & Bide Strong hold Cape Sass & Bide Strong hold Cape with harness

OOTD: Marc by Marc Jacob Hi-Top Sneaker Wedges

When I exploded onto the world of youtube earlier this year in April, my debut video featured these Marc by Marc Jacob sneaker wedges. And by the term exploded I mean 200+ subscribers. I know.



I’ve been told the video is pretty FLY, so I thought I’d share it again. Can’t have too much of a good thing right?


It had me at 3-inch hidden wedge. 

The magic of the hidden wedge is that no one needs to know your true height. And that right there is its UNIQUE SELLING POINT. So, the rule of thumb when you shop for sneaker wedges is to Never buy them if you can tell the sneakers have a wedge. It’s just silly. You’re welcome.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Sneaker Wedges with ohsuzi

Marc by Marc Jacobs Sneaker Wedges with ohsuzi



Good Old Jeffrey Campbell Litas. I still remember when I first saw these babies online and thought they were the most awful looking heels my eyes had ever laid upon but if you have read my previous post, you’ll know I’m drawn to the grotesque. There was no turning back once I hit the “Confirm Payment” button. From Glitter ones to the studded suedes, I own more pairs of Litas than I feel comfortable with sharing. I know I’m not the only one. HERE’S LOOKING AT YOU, KID.

But I digress. The point is, it was inevitable that the creators of these best sellers delved further into the magic of product extensions to satisfy the insatiable needs of Lita fans. And so, the Lita CLAW was born.


Solestruck: Jeffrey Campbell Lita Claw with ohsuzi

Look at those claws reaching out from below your feet, it’s so creepy. It’s cool.

My only concern is that when I was walking, the attachment clipped each other and one edge became unstuck. There’s no saying what will happen further down the track. I have been known to dance quite flamboyantly in these heels. Yes, it’s a skill I’ve acquired over the years but I’ll leave that for another post. Another day.

Solestruck: Jeffrey Campbell Lita Claw with ohsuzi

Solestruck: Jeffrey Campbell Lita Claw with ohsuzi

Solestruck: Jeffrey Campbell Lita Claw with ohsuzi


Amazing heels. It will fill our narcissistic desire for compliments and though temporary it may be really does something good for the ego. I am severely biased but I believe that YOU SHOULD AND YOU COULD. The only question left is… WOULD YOU?? I already have. Come join me.

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Would You? Could You? Should You?: JEEPERS CREEPERS

Oh SNAP. It’s the Creepers Revolution. Honestly, is this trend over? Did it ever really take off? Does it actually matter? The answer… No. No and No. However, I’m embracing this little creature, because I feel that it needs some loving. Some trends are not particularly attractive to the naked eye and can defy the laws of beauty but maybe it’s how grotesque they are that make them adored. At least that’s how it works for me. I believe in these babies and I’m hoping for it to take off like the Sketchers platform phenomenon of the 90’s, but I do worry that these creepers can be what Leandra Medine so famously coined as a “Man Repeller”. That’s why I rolled my jeans up, to show off some skin. Ankles are sexy right?

1. Karen Walker Sunglasses
2. Sass & Bide Shirt
3. Sass & Bide Aztec Jeans
4. Jeffrey Campbell Creepers


I would. I could and I should. Who cares if they are Man Repellers because essentially you don’t need a man when you look so damn FLY.